BBYO Passport: A BBYO Travel Experience

BBYO Passport: A BBYO Travel Experience

Pre-Trip Prep

Registered participants are able to access detailed pre-trip preparation information within their account leading up to the summer. Additionally, as the summer approaches, a series of region-specific conference calls will be organized for parents to review important pre-trip updates. Each participant also receives a phone call prior to departure from one of the madrichim (counselors) who will be staffing the program.

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is valuable for situations such as cancellations due to personal/family illness, cancellation of connecting flight due to weather delays, medical insurance coverage for pre-existing conditions, etc. Please note that in some cases, certain benefits are available only if insurance is purchased before paying the program balance. Plan ahead accordingly. Learn More

International Cell Phone Rental

For teens traveling to South Africa, Israel and/or Europe this summer, BBYO has negotiated a discounted group cell phone rental service through “IsraelPhones/Global Cellular”. We highly recommend signing up for a cell phone rental in advance of the trip as the only reliable way to stay in touch on the road. Also, because our trip staff has access to all IsraelPhones/Global Cellular cell phone numbers, it is an important back-up communication tool.

Cell Phone Ordering Information & Rates
Detailed rates, service details, and ordering instructions are available online at: Israel Phones

Please complete your reservation at least 14 days prior to departure day via the secure online order form at: BBYO Passport has partnered with IsraelPhones in order to provide cell phone service to our participants in a manner where our staff has access to the cell phone numbers during the trip. BBYO Passport is not responsible for any lost or damaged phones, and we ask that all cell phone-related questions be communicated directly to IsraelPhones.

Pre-Trip Prep Documents

Feel free to review this summer's Pre-Trip Prep manuals to get a sense for how to get ready for the summer:

- Israel Programs
- Ambassadors to Argentina
- European Programs
- American West
- South Africa
- Costa Rica

Friends & Family Updates

Get your family in on the experience. During the trip, parents of participants automatically receive email notifications whenever new pictures are posted or with important trip updates from abroad. Additional friends and family members can sign-up to receive these same updates by filling out the Friends & Family Trip Update List Form

Accessing Trip Photos from the Road

During the Summer season, parents, family and friends are able to use the links below to access trip-specific photos from the road!