BBYO Passport: A BBYO Travel Experience

BBYO Passport: A BBYO Travel Experience

Travel Insurance

All BBYO Passport participants are encouraged to sign-up, within their account, for a travel insurance policy as it can be extremely valuable in situations such as:

  • Cancellation due to personal illness or family illness – full refund
  • Cancellation due to an act of terrorism taking place within 30 days of departure in a city on the program itinerary – full refund
  • Cancellation for ANY other reason – 75% refund
    Available on a supplemental basis
  • Refund of expenses resulting from the cancellation of a connecting flight due to weather delays, etc.
  • Medical insurance coverage for pre-existing conditions.
    NOTE: BBYO Passport programs do not cover pre-existing conditions. Pre-existing conditions are covered by the Travel Insurance plan provided the plan is purchased within prior to final trip payment.
  • Reimbursement for lost luggage and other travel services

Discounted Group Travel Insurance Option

BBYO Passport has arranged for a discounted group travel insurance policy to be made available and can be purchased in your registration account.

The actual travel insurance policy fees vary according to the total cost of the program you have selected, and we encourage you to factor in any additional travel costs when deciding out how much insurance to secure.

Cost of TripBase RatePremium with cancel
for any reason
* The rates listed above are for trips up to 30 days for trips over 30 days please add; $3 per on the standard plan or: $4.5 on cancel for any reason.

Cancel For Any Reason Supplement

Travel Insurance International offers a standard group policy as well as a "Cancel For Any Reason" (CFAR) supplement where 75% of program costs are refunded for a non-standard reason.

To help you decide which plan is right for you, the following is a summary of cancellation coverage benefit options:

Standard Plan
• Cancellation due to personal illness
• Cancellation due to illness or death in your immediate family
• Cancellation due to a terrorist attack – as defined by the US State Department – in a city on your travel itinerary within 30 days of departure

Cancel for Any Reason
• Cancellation due to any of the reasons covered by the Standard Plans
• Cancellation due to political unrest, instability or war
• Cancellation due to any other reason – loss of employment, family event, change of plans, etc. All benefits are subject to plan exclusions. See description of coverage for exact details.

Booking an Insurance Policy

For additional questions, please contact our office at 202.537.8091 or by email.

Our group travel insurance policy may be purchased up until the date you make full payment for the program. Please log in to your registration account in order to purchase your policy.

Travel Insurance for Canadian Participants

Travel Insurance International does not offer insurance for Canadian participants. BBYO Passport recommends that Canadians purchase insurance through Travel Safe Vacation Insurance.