BBYO Passport: A BBYO Travel Experience

BBYO Passport: A BBYO Travel Experience

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‘A modern camp with an old soul’ celebrates its bar mitzvah | The Jewish Voice | February '15

BBYO Passport works with Camp Jori to help ensure their CIT’s (Counselors in Training) have a meaningful four-week experience in Israel. Full Story

My Israel Experience | Jewish Press | October '14

Teen Tomer Palmon writes about his amazing trip with BBYO Passport to Italy and Israel. Full Story

Ambassadors to Bulgaria Program Offers Life-Changing Summer Experience | Jewish Community Voice | July '14

Teen Jessica Sklar talks about her incredible summer on BBYO Passport trip Ambassadors to Bulgaria. Full Story

Camps Face Tough Decisions About Israel Trips | Jewish Exponent | July ' 14

BBYO Passport ensures a safe, meaningful, and fun summer for teens traveling in Israel despite on-going operation. Full Story

Sarah Fellman tutors fellow students for free | JTA | March '14

BBYO teen discusses her leadership with Providence Peer Mentors, a program that provides free peer-to-peer, after-school tutoring Full Story

World without survivors | Washington Jewish Week | February '14

Sara Strei reflects on the importance of having Holocaust survivor Trudy Album join her on March of the Living. Full Story

Learning in the Land of Milk and Honey | The Jewish News of Sarasota-Manatee | January '14

Jackson Cacioppo writes about his summer journey on ILSI with BBYO Passport. Full Story

The Best of Camp Jori and Israel | The Jewish Voice | August '13

Noah Prizant describes his experience with Camp Jori launching a new initiative with BBYO Full Story

Florida Teen Discovers Israel with BBYO Passport | Heritage Florida Jewish News | July '13

Sarah Hoffen's discovery of her Jewish identity through Israel. Full Story

BBYO's Ambassadors to Bulgaria | eJewish Philanthropy | July '13

Rachel Mitchell's beautiful reflections from her experience on Ambassadors to Bulgaria. Full Story

BBYO Teens Take March of the Living | Cleveland Jewish News | May '13

Twenty-five teens from BBYO’s Ohio Northern Region Ohio delegation participated in BBYO’s national delegation of the March of the Living. Full Story

BBYO trip to Israel and Bulgaria | J Magazine - Jewish Pittsburgh Living | Fall '12

Photos and descriptions of local teens on a BBYO Trip to Israel and Bulgaria this past summer. Full Story

BBYO launches gap year Israel experience | Jewish Tribune | October '12

Committed to providing more Jewish teens with more meaningful Jewish experiences, BBYO has launched a new pre-college, gap year program in Israel, Beyond. Full Story

BBYO Announces the Launch of Beyond | The Jewish Chronicle | October '12

BBYO announces the launch of a new pre-college, gap year program in Israel — “Beyond.” Full Story

Ohio Delegation Planned for March of the Living | Cleveland Jewish News | October '12

Jewish teens from Cleveland, Columbus, Toledo and Youngstown will convene for the first statewide Ohio delegation to the March of the Living. Full Story

BBYO launches gap-year Israel experience | The Canadian Jewish News | October '12

BBYO has launched a pre-college gap-year program in Israel to provide Jewish teens with meaningful Jewish experiences. Full Story

Churchill Teen Makes March of the Living | ForestHills-Regent Square Patch | September '12

Woodland Hills senior Hannah Frank experiences an international educational program that brings Jewish teens from all over the world to Poland and Israel in honor and remembrance of the Holocaust. Full Story

A Jewish Teen's Rude Awakening in Bulgaria | Charleston Jewish Voice | September '12

The Bulgarian Jewish community is a very small and very kind community. The community cannot support itself, and it survives on the donations of many international Jews (mainly BBYO families). Full Story - See Page 12

Tulsa Teen travels as an Ambassadors to Bulgaria | Tulsa Jewish Review | August '12

Tulsa Jewish Review

One Tulsa, Oklahoma teen describes her journey on BBYO Passport's Ambassador to Bulgaria, a trip across the world exploring a new culture and helping a community with other Jewish teens. Full Story

BBYO teens from Pittsburgh made community service trip to Bulgaria | The Jewish Chronicle | August '12

Five area teens from the Keystone Mountain Region of BBYO recently returned from a trip to Bulgaria, where they learned about Jewish life in the former communist country, and performed a variety of community service projects. Full Story

BBYO “Teen Tour” visit our CT organised community | SA Jewish Board of Deputies | July '12

On 11 July, Cape Board Chairman Li Boiskin facilitated a meeting with 25 Jewish teenagers from the US and Canada visiting South Africa with the B’nai B’rith Youth Organisation (BBYO). Full Story

BBYO March of the Living almuna reflects on her experience | ABC News | Dec '11

Watch Sarah Sloan, an almuna from BBYO's 2011 March of the Living delegation share her experiences on an ABC news broadcast. Full Story

"White Station Senior Galen Levy Recalls trip to Israel as a "memorable experience" | Hebrew Watchman | Nov '11

This past summer I was fortunate enough to travel all the way to another country for three whole weeks. However, it wasn't just any country; it was Israel... Full Story

"Portland teen builds BBYO relationships in Bulgaria" | Jewish Review | Nov '11

When Alex Meyer went to Bulgaria with BBYO last summer, he was looking for a new experience, “one that none of my peers had ever done,” he said. Full Story

"Reisman enjoys Israel through BBYO program" | Hebrew Watchman | Oct '11

"I had an amazing experience in Israel on the BBYO trip called International Leadership Seminar in Israel (ILSI). The trip gave me an opportunity to broaden my knowledge of Israel as well as fortify my beliefs about Judaism and the Jewish people." Full Story

"My March of the Living Experience" | Jewish Baltimore Blog | Sep '11

"I first heard about the March of the Living at my BBYO Chapter Leadership Training Conference (CLTC) back in 2009. While I really wanted to go, I didn’t think about it until last year when I was at lunch with the JCC BBYO Director, Mitch Liebeskind" Full Story

"BBYO Visits Givat Haviva" | Givat Haviva | Aug '10

"BBYO madrich Aaron Robbin with some of the young Spanish soccer supporters lining up in the Givat Haviva classroom." Full Story

"Summer Break? I’m Working on It" | New York Times | May '09

"At a time when the overall travel industry is in a slump...educational and volunteer travel programs say they are surprised at the sustained interest...B’nai B’rith Youth Organization is filling seats on its Israel tours." Full Story

"Jewish Summer Camps Feel the Heat" | Jerusalem Post | May '09

"In the case of BBYO Passport, which takes teens to Europe and Israel, the organization began promoting its competitive a way of attracting participants...'We had a good story to tell, so we decided to tell it,' said Avi Green, BBYO Passport's marketing director." Full Story

"Teen trips to Israel and beyond" | Cleveland Jewish News | Dec '08

"BBYO expands its travel division to incorporate even more destinations for Jewish teens to travel in a safe, group environment. The new program is called Passport to the World (Passport) and grew out of BBYO’s success with its Passport to Israel program." Full Story

"BBYO Expands Travel Programs" | Jewish News of Greater Phoenix | Aug '08

BBYO Expands Travel Programs

"Traveling through BBYO no longer necessarily implies a trip to Israel...Students are provided the opportunity to see Jewish communities in the [other] areas that they visit and are given the option of flying to Israel for three weeks after touring other countries." Full Story

"Local Teen Experiences Israel with BBYO" | Minn. American Jewish World | Sep '08

<strong>Local Teen Experiences Israel with BBYO:</strong> <i>Minneapolis American Jewish World</I>

“'Since I was little, I have always heard about how amazing Israel is,' Mogelson wrote in an essay. 'This summer I finally had the chance to experience it myself…The best part of the whole trip was the sense that I actually belonged in Israel, that I wasn’t just a tourist, but that I was a part of the State.'" Full Story

"Israel Connection Starts Early" | Jewish News of Greater Phoenix | Oct '07

"After my trip this past summer, I feel an even stronger bond and connection to the Holy Land. I learned so much from the trip and there has not been one day since I have returned that Israel has not been in my thoughts." Full Story