BBYO Passport: A BBYO Travel Experience

BBYO Passport: A BBYO Travel Experience

ILSI - The City of Tzfat

Posted on 07/14/2014 @ 06:08 PM

We hope you enjoy hearing about our time in Tzfat, featuring an update from teen Andrew Levy:

Today was definitely one of my favorite days thus far on ILSI!! Although I slept a little bit later than I should have after a late night of watching the World Cup with my friends, I still started the day off right with a delicious balanced breakfast.

After that, the whole ILSI community went down to the basement of our hotel to receive an excellent lesson on Jewish leadership during the Shoah. As unfortunate as it is that we may not be able to see Yad Vashem, the lesson that Yoram taught was still very great. One thing in particular that resonated strongly with me was learning about Dolek Lipskind, who was a leader in the Krakow Ghetto. What he said was something that I found to be particularly powerful: "We are not doing this for our lives. We are not doing this for revenge. We are doing this for three lines in a history book. We are doing this so that the world knows and the world remembers that the Jews did not lie down quietly and accept their fate."

After receiving this lesson, we broke in to our classes and had a discussion about the Holocaust in our classes and how each of the people within the classes felt the connection to what happened. After this discussion, the ILSI community walked to the city of Tzfat and got to buy lunch and go shopping. I was very pleased with the spiciness of the shawarma that I purchased and managed to procure a mezuzah for my grandma, as well as a painting for my mom.

All in all it was a successful trip to the market. After we had made our purchases, we piled on to the buses and drove to a beautiful nature reserve for a water hike. Although I didn't bring water shoes I found a way to complete the hike while not only remaining dry, but also enjoying all the scenery. From there we took a bus ride to a Druze restaurant where we partook in some delicious traditional cuisine. After eating, a Druze speaker came in to educate us about the Druze community and religion. All in all, it was one of the most interesting days at ILSI that I've had so far. Anyway, I've got to go and do my laundry. Talk to you later!


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