BBYO Passport: A BBYO Travel Experience

BBYO Passport: A BBYO Travel Experience

ILSI - Teens' Thoughts from Jerusalem

Posted on 07/18/2014 @ 07:02 PM

Today we traveled to Jerusalem where we are getting ready to enjoy a meaningful Shabbat. Below, please see what your amazing teens are saying about their ILSI experience in Israel:

"Being in Israel during such a crucial time in the nation's history has made this trip unforgettable. I have never felt so connected to the Jewish people or to our homeland. I am eternally grateful to BBYO for providing me with this incredible experience and to those who support and protect the state of Israel."
- Kyle Price, Westchester Region

"My connection has never been stronger to the state of Israel. I have attended AIPAC's policy conference and high school conference. I have lobbied to members of Congress and the Senate on behalf of Israel. But never have I had such a strong connection to this State than being here during a stressful time. I have never felt such a strong need to stand up for the wonderful country, and a place I call my second home. During ILSI I have developed this strong passion to stand up for my beloved home, Israel."
- Scott Pergament, Nassau Suffolk Region (NSR #19)

"Being in Israel during such a harsh time has truly opened my eyes. I have gained a deeper appreciation for the people behind the scenes. I knew the IDF was good, but I had no idea how remarkable. For us to be able to travel through Israel without even the slightest concern is truly amazing. To see the state of Israel all rush to protect all types of people opened up my eyes to how united this country and the Jewish people are as a whole. I want to thank BBYO for allowing us to continue on our journey. I now have a much deeper connection to Israel."
-Nathan Jacob Rosen, Cotton States Region, Winick AZA #420

"Throughout the past two weeks, we've experienced multiple changes in our itinerary. We've been living on an hour-to-hour basis regarding our daily activities. Although this has changed our geographical plans, the educational component of the program has not hindered. I truly believe that I've taken the most out of my first time in Israel during this program."
- Adrienne Belle Frank, New England Region #18, Judy Ann Leven #531

"Yesterday, we participated in a community service project picking onions for Israeli families in need. While we were there, I counted 18 planes from the army base traveling to Gaza. We did not let the planes distract us. The planes enriched our experience because we felt like the people of Israel and not tourists. Regardless of this current situation, or where the program has been moved, I am blessed to be in Israel."
- Joey Krengel, Great Midwest Region #61, Chaverim BBG #1828

"I truly believe that these tense circumstances have dramatically deepened my connection to Israel. Before this trip, I only thought of our past and the struggles we as a Jewish people have had to endure to secure our homeland. But now I am living history and recognize that there is much more to do to keep Israel safe. I am leaving this program as not only a stronger Israeli advocate but a stronger Jew."
- Bailey Dinman, NRE-DC Council #54, Beshert BBG #2455


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