BBYO Passport: A BBYO Travel Experience

BBYO Passport: A BBYO Travel Experience

Shabbat in the Holy Land

Posted on 07/07/2013 @ 10:08 PM

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The first couple days I've spent in Israel have been beyond amazing. I've become close with so many new people and have fallen completely head over heels in love with Israel. When we first arrived, we were told that the group of kids partaking on ILSI would soon become a close knit community. I did not expect for this to happen so quickly. It is only the fourth day of the trip and everyone is already the best of friends.

The most unbelievable thing I have experienced thus far on the trip has no doubt been my first Shabbat experience in the holy land. Spending Friday night outside with all of my new friends praying and singing was absolutely perfect. On top of this, for Saturday morning services we had a great discussion about big life questions that are often left unanswered. This really opened my eyes to the wonders of Judaism. We then discussed Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel’s idea about how Shabbat is more about holiness in time than holiness in space. This was something I had never thought about and it gave me a new perspective on how we can celebrate Shabbat.

Unfortunately though, like every Shabbat, it had to come to a close.  We ended Shabbat at the Almog Kibbutz pool, where we all participated in Havdallah with our feet in the water.  I can honestly say it was amazing and like nothing I've ever experienced before. I couldn't have asked for a better way to spend my first Shabbat in Israel. I'm really looking forward to the next week when we get to celebrate Shabbat again!

- Mazzy Bell


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