BBYO Passport: A BBYO Travel Experience

BBYO Passport: A BBYO Travel Experience

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Alumni Registration Discount

Come back for another round of BBYO Passport globe-trotting. Alumni of BBYO Passport summer programs as well as the March of the Living automatically receive a $250 discount toward a future exeprience with Passport.

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Browse the photos from BBYO Passport programs covering five continents, 18 countries, and 1000's of teens from across North America and beyond.

Tel Aviv University - Study Abroad Discount for BBYO Passport Alumni

The Tel Aviv University hosts dozens of undergraduate and graduate programs taught in English with students from across the world. Immerse yourself in modern Israeli life - experiencing the rich culture, thriving nightlife, and sandy white beaches footsteps away.

In addition to receiving a minimum of $1,000 from MASA, all previous BBYO members, as well as past participants on BBYO Passport, are exclusively eligible to redeem tuition discounts towards Tel Aviv University tuition as follows:

- Fall Semester: $400 Discount
- Spring Semester: $200 Discount
- Two Semesters: $600 Discount

The discount can be applied towards studying abroad as an undergraduate or towards most masters degree programs. Learn More: Claim Your Tuition Discount